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Coyotes in Kisco – Oh My

August 7, 2013

Recently there has been a lot of press about the Coyote attacks in Mt. Kisco. Honestly, I think the coverage is a little over the top. I have had many friends and relatives warning me to be careful with my two small dogs. I assure them that I am always careful and check the backyard first before letting them out and I always keep my eye on them; not because of a coyotes but because of Skunks! Coyotes are more common then we think. This is not the first time we have seen attacks in Mt. Kisco but there is no need for panic. The coyote sightings and attacks are nothing new (please see the following post   )

Coyote     I guess it has been a slow news week because this story is on every station. I feel for the families that have lost a pet but let’s not scare every pet owner and family with small children. There is a great informational website that discusses wild animals like Coyotes – They have great pictures like the one used in this post.

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