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Lice Oh My

August 1, 2013



Oh those words can still send shivers down my spine. These words have been heard by Moms from all over at one time or another. You know what I am talking about Head Lice! I can remember the first time I heard my daughter utter those words “I think I have Lice”; this coming from a Kindergartner. Luckily I dodged a bullet – It seems that she had just watched an episode of Arthur and D.W had a bad case of Head Lice. You know it is just the suggestion of Lice that gets you to start scratching your head (I know many of you are scratching now).

My luck didn’t last; a few years later we were invaded by the head buggers. I was lulled into a false sense of security thinking that my daughter was protected because of her tight curly hair – WRONG. Although Lice prefer straight hair (because it is easier for them to lay their eggs) they are opportunists and will infest any kind of hair. I quickly found out everything I could about these buggers and the best way to prevent and rid my family of them. A few weeks ago I got a call from a friend who uttered the words ‘I think I have a situation’; I knew immediately what she meant. So here is what I told her

  1. Chemicals or no chemicals – I opted for a holistic shampoo to kill the live lice. It was a salt based product.
  2. To get rid of the eggs I used a metal lice comb (you can also use a flea comb that you can purchase in the pet section of any store)
  3. I combed out my daughters hair 3 times a day. I first applied hair conditioner to make the combing easier. Then I parted the hair into sections.
  4. The more you comb the better – If you can damage any part of the lice by combing they will die.
  5. No need to apply pesticide to rugs or furniture – Lice die when not attached to a host between 24 – 36 hours.
  6. Lice have a 21 day life cycle – so plan on doing this for 3 weeks from the last day you see a live Louse.
  7. Wash everything from linens to stuffed animals. Anything that can’t be washed I put in plastic bags and shoved in the hot attic for a few days.
  8. I vacuumed rugs and furniture – no need for pesticides because they can’t live long off the host. lice combs

I hope you never have to deal with Lice – but here are some tips I use to try to avoid any re-infestation.

  1. The obvious – no sharing of combs or hats – now that summer is here extend this to swim caps and goggles.
  2. Don’t share head phones
  3. I bring a sweatshirt to the movies and drape it on the back of the seat.
  4. sleepover – bring your own pillow and or sleeping bag.
  5. For all sports I would invest in purchasing your child their own helmets.

Enjoy the summer and here’s hoping that you never have to experience Lice first hand.

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