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Old Swing Sets

August 24, 2013

playset 002It was finally time to say goodbye to the old Swing Set. It hadn’t been used in years except for the occasional guest that came over with young
kids. I tried to find a new home for it but had no luck. I asked a
friend to help me take it down so I could bring it to the dump.

152As we were dismantling it I started to see the swing set in a whole new light. I realized that I could re- use and re-purpose portions of the set.
I used the deck as a platform to store my garden equipment and snow
blower. This was perfect because it keeps it off the ground (and helps
keep the weeds down).

153My friend took the ladder to use for his kids Tree
House and I was left with the perfect structure to build a raised garden
bed. I left the posts so I can construct a fence to keep the animals

I will use as compost this year to get the soil ready for next years
planting season. In early spring I will throw a tarp over it and use it
as a greenhouse to start my seeds

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