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Growing Veggies in My Backyard

July 17, 2011

This year we put a little more thought into planting vegetables in our back yard. Last year it was just an afterthought and we didn’t have much luck. To ensure our success I signed up for a free service called This is a great service that e-mails you when it is time to start your seeds and reminds you when to plant (they also help with any questions you might have about planting. You can buy seeds and plants for reasonable prices.

My daughter Krista took the lead this year and planted all the seeds. It was exciting to see them sprout and grow inches overnight.

As the time got closer I ordered rich compost top soil for our two raised bed kits. Last year we didn’t use raised planters and I think that was a mistake. This will allow us to properly water and fertilize the plants. It will also help us keep the deer away.

Once my own compost is ready I will use it on my garden and I have enough rain water collected in my rain barrels to help get this garden off to a successful start.


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