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Opening Day at Camp Iroquois

July 19, 2011

You know summer is officially here when Camp opens.

Monday June 27th was opening day at Mt Kisco’s Camp Iroquois and the kids showed up with big smiles and hugs for the Staff. I arrived a little early to find Camp director Allison Eckhart giving her staff final instructions on how the day and overall summer will go.

The staff is a mix of returning counselors and new CIT’s. Everyone looked excited to get the day started and it appeared that some even had a few butterflies.

The Campers are greeted by a long line of eager Counselors waiting to retrieve them from their Parent’s car and take them inside. Each day is started off at the morning meeting where important information and activities of the day are discussed with the Campers.

Camp director Allison Eckhart said she loves opening day. She likes the fact that “she is responsible for making summer memories for the children. It’s great to see the kids return year after year”. I asked Eckhart what some of her biggest challenges were this year and she said “doing more with less”. She has learned how to be very creative with less money. I asked if there was anything new this year and she told me about a new Nature/ Eco-Friendly group. The kids will be learning all about nature and recycling while having fun. One of the activities planned uses discarded tennis ball containers which will be made into Terrariums.

I spoke with a few parents as they dropped their kids off. Noreen said “It is such a transition to drop one of her kids off to work and the other to Camp”. Helene said “It is such a blessing to have such a great camp so close by” She commented that the camp brings the community together. Her daughter Gracie said she liked the camp because “the counselors are so nice”. Charlie Piergostini head of Recreation echoed Gracie’s statement and added that even in the worst weather conditions in the middle of July the counselors are positive and nice. I asked Charlie what his biggest challenge was this year in getting the facility ready and he said it was problems associated with all the heavy rain we had. He smiled and said “we survived 4 floods and were still able to open in time”.

So far it looks like the weather has been cooperating this summer and Camp Iroquois will have another successful run. It’s hard to believe but they are almost at the halfway point; the second session starts on the 25th.

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