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My Dog Got Skunked

July 16, 2011

Well it finally happened after being a dog owner for most of my life I guess it was just a matter of time; My dog got sprayed by a Skunk.

It was around 9:00pm on Sunday evening and Ruby decided she needed to go out just one more time for the evening. I opened the back door and turned on the light and saw Ruby staring at something by the shed. Before I could say or do anything she tore down the stairs in the direction of the shed. She obviously thought this was a new friend to play with. I saw a black and white creature waddling away quickly and I knew instantly what it was. I called out to my Dog but it was too late. She slowly walked back to the deck trying to get a breath of fresh air. Her nose and eyes were watery and she was foaming from the mouth. My poor dog was in trouble. I grabbed a beach towel that was drying on the deck and wiped her face and mouth the best I could. She was obviously hurting. I called in to Meg to quickly find out what to do on the internet. Most people suggested Tomato Juice but I remember hearing negative things about that old wives tale. The other was a popular mixture of Peroxide, Dawn and Baking soda. The only thing I had was white vinegar so I used that. The smell was oddly different from what I remember a Skunk smell to be (you know when you drive by a dead Skunk on the road). It had a more sinister musky smell.

I did all I could do so I let the dog into the house. She immediately dove to the floor, flopped on her side and started rubbing her face on the area rug. She shot across the carpet in lighting speed bouncing off the legs of
the chairs and the ottoman. It was like watching a pin ball game. At that particular moment my daughter came downstairs holding her nose in one hand and her garbage pail in the other. She stated that there was an awful smell in her room and it must be her garbage (this is the same pail I have asked her to empty on numerous occasions to no avail). At first I kind of chuckled to myself thinking it took our dog getting sprayed by a Skunk to get her to empty her garbage but then panic set in when I realized that the
smell on the dog was now in our entire house thanks to the efficiency of our Central Air Conditioner depositing the odor into every room of the house.

Things only got worse when Meg went to work the next day and her colleagues told her she smelled like Skunk. OMG what were we going to do. My Groomer was closed since it was Monday so I bought some stuff
at the pet store. IT DIDN’T WORK – Dog and house still reeked.

It wasn’t until Tuesday came around and I called Jason at Woof-N-Wash that I finally knew my problem would be solved. Jason told me to bring Ruby right in. He has a secret all natural non-toxic mixture that really WORKS. Jason and his staff were so good with Ruby who obviously was nervous, anxious and really smelly. Now that the Dog was free from odor it was just a matter of time before the smell would leave my house. Jason gave me a little bit of his mixture which I placed in a spray bottle and sprayed all the areas that were affected – I even put some in my laundry.

So once again I have to say if you need any sort of grooming needs for your dog(s) or cat(s) go to Woof-N-Wash in Mt Kisco!!!!

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