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Fox Lane High School

June 22, 2011

If given the chance I will talk your ear off about what makes Mt. Kisco great and especially how fantastic the Schools are (Bedford Central School District). This past week others got to see firsthand what I have known for a long time. First, there was a moving article in The Fox Lane Times by Renna Gottlieb (Coming out of the Closet at Fox Lane). It was an incredibly articulate piece that told the story of four students who came out of the closet this year and how accepting the Fox Lane Community is. One
student spoke of how she decided to finally come out after she heard a moving and inspiring speaker Jamie Nabozny at Wellness Day in the High School. Reading this story reminded me of the reasons I chose to send my daughter to the Bedford schools. I find the BCSD community (from Mt.Kisco elementary to Fox Lane High School) to be a truly remarkable place where acceptance of others no matter their culture, social status, ethnicity or sexual orientation is always at the forefront. I would encourage you to read this article for yourself.

The second, was a piece in the Sunday Journal news that talked about six one-of-kind High School Seniors (Two of whom attend Fox Lane High School). It was an inspirational piece that talked about kids that went “beyond good grades and goal-scoring to accomplish something else that’s truly exceptional”. In the case of the two Fox lane Students, both overcame major health issues and were still able to reach out and help others. One of the students has volunteered his time in poor countries
helping them build houses and schools. The other student spreads his message of acceptance through his line of unique watches. His Mantra is “feel comfortable in your own skin”.

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