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Camp Iroquois Registration Day

February 7, 2011

There was a lot of activity early Saturday morning around Village Hall. It was Camp Iroquois registration day.

This was the first time that the Mount Kisco Recreation Commission offered registration on on a Saturday. It was the brain child of the Recreation Supervisor Allison Eckhart who suggested to the commission that the registration be moved to a Saturday to help out working parents and expedite the process. Over the years she received a lot of feed-back from parents on how to make the registration process easier. “This seemed to address a lot of their concerns” Eckhart said.
Charlie Pieragostini the Superintendent of Recreation could be seenat 6:00am opening the doors for the folks that had already started to line up (registration did not start until 8:00am). He said “I couldn’t let them stand out in the cold”. Pieragostini said he was very pleased with the process and pointed out all the extra volunteers that were on hand to help. Village employees, friends and relatives all came out to lend a hand. They even served hot coffee and tea.

I was amazed at how orderly and stream lined the process was. When the front row was empty the rest of the group would get up in unison and move to the row in front (it was like a well choreographed version of Musical chairs) at one point when Staff lost track of who was next the crowed calmly pointed to the lucky person.
I spoke with Elizabeth Napp who was thrilled with the new registration. She felt that it “leveled the playing field”. Now everyone could have a chance to register their kids without having to take the day off.  She also said that she thought the Recreation department was “so wonderful”. Sheila Wolman said that she found the Saturday registration to be “less stressful” because she didn’t have to worry about getting her kids to school.
Nancy Mareschi said she was more excited about getting her kid into Camp Iroquois than meeting “the President”! She moved here two years ago and her child loves the Camp. Nancy said she liked how “structured and organized” the camp was and commented on how Eckhart knew all the kids names. When asked what she thought of the cost of the camp she said it was “cost effective for what you get”. It was a lot better and cheaper than the camp her child previously attended.
The Recreation Commission would like to give a big thank you to the following people for helping out today: Diane Eckhart , Gail Hall, Antonette Morales, Liz Dieter, SuzanKnapp and MaryAnn Pereira.
All the spots were filled in less than two hours. A waiting list has been created for Teen Travel Camp, call the office for details. All in all I think the Saturday registration was a huge success.

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