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Fire Update

January 31, 2011

* Update to fire on Maple Avenue*

I spoke with a fire fighter who told me that this was one of the “worst” fires he has seen in quite some time. Communities as far away as Ossining were on standby. A ladder truck from Ossining was sitting at the Green St. fire house waiting in case it was needed. Luckily no one was hurt or injured. If the fire was at night instead of 1:00pm in the afternoon there would surely have been many fatalities. A preliminary investigation seems to point to an electrical fire. It seems that a portable space heater either overheated because some clothing was placed on or too near the coils. Incredibly the fire was under control within twenty minutes. Con Ed responded quickly to turn off the gas and electric to avoid further complications and Mt. Kisco turned off the water. Neighbors said that the Mount Kisco fire department responded so quickly. Marisa said she thought the Firemen were “incredible”. She couldn’t believe how they were able to put the fire out and prevent it from spreading to her house. She was very thankful. Mount Kisco officials and Fire investigators were all on the scene. They are investigating reports of overcrowding in the residence.

Check back for updates –

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