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It’s A/C Time

May 25, 2015

We were hit with some warm weather in the past few weeks but it didn’t last long. So like most folks I am guessing you pushed off getting your A/C units serviced. Please take some advice and pay the $150 to get your A/C tune up before the $150 turns into thousands.This preventative maintenance can add life to your unit and diagnose any potential problems that might arise.Besides giving us comfort throughout the hot summer months Central Air conditioning adds value to your home. In fact it has become a must have on my clients wish lists for homes (next to updated baths and Kitchens).
Each year I do my own ‘mini’ tune up before the technicians come.

After I take the cover off the unit I look for anything that might have gotten into the unit like twigs or leaves. I then hose off the entire unit.condenser I then move inside and clean all the vents.I take off the covers and rinse them off in the vent I also clean the inside of the duct work by sticking my hand in as far as I can reach with a damp cloth. This helps remove any dust or dirt. The next step is to examine the Air Handler in the attic. I look to make sure all wires and vents are attached correctly – when the unit is turned on i look for leaks and make sure the condensation hose is not clogged.air handler The last thing I do is to replace the air filters and I turn the unit on Fan (with the windows wide open) for the first 10 minutes to help get rid of all that stale air and dust that had collected over the long winter. After that I close the windows, put the unit on cool, wait for the technician and just enjoy.

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