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Realtors Have Feelings Too

May 24, 2015

cafe soldI recently found out that a friend and former colleague was moving back into the area after a job offer that took him away a few years ago was now bringing him back to Westchester. Aside from the thought that we would get to hang out again I was super pumped that I would be able to repay him for all the help he had given me in the past by finding him and his family the perfect home. Well, not so fast …. It seems he decided to use an online company to help him search. WOW did I get the air knocked out of me. I was immediately brought back to my Realtor class where my instructor warned us that we needed to have a tough skin because in real-estate there is no loyalty.
I don’t buy that – I always strive to give my clients what I call ‘The Human Touch’. I provide the best service and always go out of my way and do things for the client and not the DEAL. Case in point, this weekend I am Dog sitting because my client’s mother is ill and she had to fly out of state last minute to take care of her. I picked my real estate company based on this same philosophy – Personal Service, Complete Care, Flexibility and awesome Technology Tools.
I respect his decision to use a different company but I wished he had reached out to me first. This is what I would have said:
Online companies are cool, hip and exciting with their flashy web designs and graphs. But in reality the information that you find isn’t always accurate or complete. They are simply an aggregate of information compiled from various sources that spit out data. They don’t take into account property condition or location. They lack the ‘Human Touch’.
The online Agency salesperson isn’t going to know that the town you are interested in is going to have a ‘tax re-assessment soon’. They don’t know that school enrollment is down and they are going to be closing another elementary school – the one you thought you would be sending your kids to.
Sometimes we are lured by offers of low percentage rates or rebates but you know that in the back of your mind that little voice is saying “be careful you just might get what you pay for”
I also would have told him that I work for a very progressive company that creates and customizes individual plans for Buyers and Sellers. We have flexibility in our programs, so present what other companies may offer you and we will discuss to match and/or surpass. I place my customers best interest above all else!

Kathleen Feeney
Lic NYS Salesperson

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  1. May 24, 2015 1:46 pm

    Thanks for sharing Kathy! We, as Realtors, must always put our client’s best interest above all else when we educate, advocate and represent to the best of our ability. Client faux pas occur and we may get insulted, disappointed or just plain bewildered. The online companies you reference have the consumers eye and ear at the moment so our intention must be to educate and to be a resource. Unfortunately, there’s no crying in real estate. Great blog!

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