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Daylight Saving Time

March 5, 2013

     100_1220     I don’t know about you but I can’t wait until this Saturday – It’s ‘Daylight Saving time’ – I hate DST but I am going to love the fact that it will stay light until 7:00 – yaaa  There has been a lot of changes with DST over the years. I remember as a kid during the energy crises someone had the bright idea of turning the clocks back 2 hours instead of just one so it would be light even longer during the winter days. The problem with this was that it was pitch dark in the morning and all the energy that would have been saved on lights etc. was used up in the morning.

     Then there was the issue that different cities and states started and ended their daylight saving time on different dates. Congress fixed that by setting one standard for Daylight Saving. Did you know that DST is not mandated? It is up to the individual states to decide. Arizona and Alaska, do not participate (I think they are smart).

     In 2005, Bush signed a law moving the Daylight Savings Time back to the first weekend of November, a measure designed to help cut down on the number of children injured or killed in automobile accidents while trick-or-treating after dark on Halloween.

     I think it’s time we revisited the need for Daylight Savings – what do you think?GIFlogoColorSmall

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