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Little Crepe Street

February 28, 2013


          Well Bonnie Saran has done it again with her newest restaurant ‘Little Crepe Street’. My daughter and I had lunch there recently and she has helped me write this review.

     When you enter the restaurant you will experience an atmosphere and decor unlike anything else in Mt. Kisco. It has a fun ‘underground’ urban look that is very hip and fresh. They make great use of reclaimed barn board, stained concrete and have cool light fixtures that are repurposed paint cans.

     The aroma is the first thing to hit you when you walk in (this Blog could never do it justice – you have to experience it for yourself). The combination of smells from the sweet and savory ingredients to the fresh ground coffee is an overwhelming delight for your olfactory senses. The staff works together seamlessly helping out without being asked (Saran told me that they were short staffed that day because of the snow – I would have never known).

     Now for the food (my favorite part). I had the butter and sugar crepe and my daughter had the Nutella Banana Strawberry . Oh my- really, really good, I am so hungry now just writing about it. Besides being delicious what I really liked was that the fillings did not over power the crepe itself. My one suggestion would be to evenly distribute the fillings more (spread out the goodness). We also tried the Western Crepe which was Le Magnnifique.100_1608

     Now for the coffee – Bonnie asked me what I thought of the Coffee and I told her I loved it. She said that some people had complained that it was watery and she couldn’t tell since she had never had a cup of coffee in her life –ha. I don’t know what those people were talking about. They serve Bonjo coffee and freshly grind the beans right in front of you using a high end grinder. They have many different blends to choose from all varying in the intensity of the Roasts and flavors. I had the Konya and Moka Java blends. I would highly recommend the coffee – it is a great alternative to Starbucks.

     While waiting for my crepes I asked a few other patrons for their opinions on the food. Greg C from Pound Ridge had the Crimini Mushroom, Leeks and Brie crepe which he said was delicious. When asked if he would come back again he said he definitely would. While writing this post I got an e-mail from Greg stating that he went back to Little Crepe Street and this time he tried the Tiki Masala Crepe as well as a desert Crepe. Greg called the place “a Locale Gem, an informal restaurant with excellent food and reasonable prices.”

      I couldn’t agree more. If you haven’t tried out Little Crepe Street, I urge you to do so – your taste buds will thank you :).

29 Main Street – 914-242-0200


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