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Say Good-Bye to the Incandescent Bulb

December 30, 2011

I never seem to have the time to replace a light bulb when it has gone out. The things always seem to blow at the most inopportune times. I really hate it when the recessed lighting or the out door motion light bulbs go out – who has the time or energy to get a ladder. I usually get distracted doing something else and I forget all about the bulb until the next time I go to turn on the light and (to my surprise) it’s still out. No sooner do I replace one bulb than another one goes out – It is a tiresome cycle.

During one of these ‘in the dark’ moments I heard that they were going to be phasing out ‘incandescent’ light bulbs (no say it isn’t so – how will I heat my Easy bake Oven). I am not a big fan of the ‘energy efficient’ ones. It seems that a 2007 piece of legislation (Energy Independence and security Act) states that new bulbs must use 25 to 30% less power than there predecessors the incandescent bulb. Retailers will start to phase out these bulbs in 2012.

So what is a person like me to do? Well as luck would have it I was asked to review a new energy efficient bulb called the Vu1 that Lowes will be carrying. This bulb will replace the standard 65 watt bulb and is 70% more efficient. It is non-toxic (no Mercury like other energy efficient bulbs) and affordable. The new technology doesn’t just save energy it has truer and more natural illumination – there are no gaps in the color spectrum and it doesn’t bother my eyes like other bulbs do. I would suggest the next time one of your bulbs goes out replace it with one of these (they last for 11,000 hours –I won’t be replacing this one any time soon).

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