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Reduce, Re-Use & Re-style Furniture

September 16, 2011

Who says being eco-friendly needs to be boring and ugly – not me. I just saw the coolest chairs that are more like pieces of art rather than furniture. They follow my number one rule of ‘Reduce, Re-Use & Re-style. These chairs have a new lease on life and won’t end up in a landfill. I guess you could say they got a ‘Chair-Lift’.

These chairs are the creation of designer Kitty McBride. She is the owner of The Divine Chair. McBride pairs vintage chairs with cool fabrics creating a one of a kind piece of art.My daughter has her eye on this one.

This is ‘Green Living’ at its best. Going green doesn’t have to mean boring, ugly and void of color. In fact McBride takes it one step further- do you have an old chair, sofa or ottoman? She can redesign and breathe new life into almost any piece. You can find out more information about Kitty McBride and The Devine Chair at http://


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