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Senior Citizen Prom

June 2, 2011

The annual Senior Citizen Prom was held on Thursday April 14th at Fox Lane High School. This yearly event is hosted by Ms Janine Nicol (a math teacher at the High School) and the students at Fox Lane. It is an Intergenerational event that gets the whole community involved from local business, Faculty/Staff, students and of course our fantastic Senior Citizens.

Ms. Nicol told me that this event was the brainchild of a former student of hers who wanted to do something nice for some seniors she worked with at the Fox Center. The pair collaborated and came up with the Prom idea. It has greatly “evolved” over the years Nicol said, going from music played on a tape recorder and a few horsd’oeuvres to a fully catered meal and live band. The majority of the food and decorations are donated by local merchants (the rest is picked up by Nicol).

When asked why she does this year after year she replied “I love to see the kids in a different light, It’s really positive”. On a personal note, I have helped out with this event for the past 8 years and can honestly say that it is an absolutely wonderful event that everyone should experience. The way the kids and Seniors interact with one another is truly priceless. You can see the genuine mutual respect and camaraderie they share for one another. Liz Deiter (Recreation Supervisor for the Fox Center in Kisco) said that this event is “one of the years highlights” that the Seniors look forward to every year. She said that “It shows our seniors that there are some terrific kids in the community that are willing to give up their time to help with such a fun event”.

The Fox Lane Jazz Ensemble under the direction of Mr. Paul Tooker was the evenings live entertainment. The Seniors love the music. Some of the sentiments they expressed were: It brings back memories, we are so fortunate to have such talented Kids/Musicians in our Community. One student said that he loved playing for the Seniors because they “get” the music.

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