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Saying Good-Bye to an Old Friend

May 6, 2011

Well the time has finally arrived to say good-bye to the old swing set.

My daughter hasn’t used it in a long time but was reluctant to give it away. So as not to waste a perfectly good structure I re-purposed it by using it to store my garden tools, lawn furniture and also to help support my tomato plants last year.  I hang my bird feeders off the many rungs on the Monkey Bars and most recently I used it to house an injured bird that needed to be protected from other animals.

I asked my daughter if we could get rid of it and she finally agreed. I don’t want to throw it away since it is still a sturdy structure ( just needs a little cosmetic TLC- a little sanding and a new coat of stain) and the thought of filling up a land fill with this kind of stuff kills me. So here are some ideas I came up with.

  1. Ask a neighbor if they want it or know of anyone that would like it
  2. Go to the locale park and ask all the moms at the playground if they would like one
  3.  Put flyers up around the neighborhood and local stores
  4. Place an ad on line
  5. Call some of the on-line eco- friendly sites that I have mentioned in an earlier post.
  6.  Make sure you have pictures and dimensions of the set to provide to potential takers.
  7.  If all else fails I am going to cut mine up and use the pieces in my Garden to help support plants or create raised beds for my flowers (do not use for vegetable gardens since the stain or wood might contain harmful chemicals that might leach into the soil).

     I am sure I am not the only one that had to deal with this situation.

I would love to hear what you did.

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