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Help Save Wallace Pond

April 28, 2011

If you’ve passed by Leonard Park lately you might be wondering why there are a bunch of flags littering the lawn in front of Wallace Pond. They’re not there to identify underground cables or pipes they are there to mark the spots that some very special trees and shrubs will be planted.

Through the stream Conservation and Restoration Initiative and The Watershed Agricultural Council, the Mt. Kisco Conservation Advisory Council (CAC) submitted a proposal and will be receiving trees and shrubs to be planted on the North West side of Wallace Pond near the main entrance of Leonard Park this Saturday April 30th.

Anyone who lives in Kisco and frequents the Park knows that in early summer the picturesque beauty of the Pond is quickly taken away with the overgrowth of Algae and weeds. At times you can’t see the water through the thick green muck. Wallace Pond has suffered over the years from what is referred to as Nutrient Loading due to run off from fertilizers, Goose poop and the rapid growth of invasive species. If left unchecked the Pond will eventually die.

The Mt. Kisco Recreation Commission has tried numerous “fixes” over the past few years to no avail. Now with the help and guidance of the CAC, the Recreation Commission has given the go ahead to dredging a portion of the Pond and installing new Aerators (In addition to the trees and shrubs being donated). It is hoped that these measures will improve the overall health of the Pond.

Why not stop by and check it out for yourself on Saturday from 11:00 to 1:00.

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