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My New Water Meter ROCKS!

April 22, 2011

The Town of Mt Kisco just installed a new electronic water meter in my home. It will send out an electronic signal so that they no longer have to go door to door to read meters, pretty cool high tech stuff that saves energy ,they will save on gas- not having to drive to resident’s homes. The water readings will now be done from one central location.

The meter had an unexpected benefit to me in that it has a distinct clicking sound when you use water (and a visual spinning arrow). I immediately went into panic mode and thought about how much water I was wasting and all the money that was being pulled from my pocket. Prior to the installation I considered myself to be a rather “green” person. I always looked for ways to be more eco-friendly; but this meter thing really forced me to be even more aware of the energy I use. It has awakened a new and improved Sustainability Nut within.


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