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Get your house ready to sell this spring!

March 7, 2011

Things you need to do NOW to get your house ready for the spring market.

You can never start too early to get your home ready for sale. This task can sometimes become overwhelming if you don’t pace yourself. First make a list of projects that need to be done. Then prioritize – chances are you won’t be able to complete everything on the list so get the advice from an expert (like me) on what to do. Sprucing up your home before you put it on the market is crucial for getting the best price for your home and ensuring that it sells quickly. Below are some low cost or no cost ideas on what to do.

Start with the outside. If your home doesn’t have curb appeal you won’t be able to get potential buyers through the door. Landscaping must be impecable and since there arn’t many blooming flowers at this time of the year make sure to use cedar mulch to add a splash of color.The yard must be free of debree (this includes broken toys and lawn furniture that has seen better days). Trim hedges and tree limbs that are dead or block the view of the house.

If the exterior of your house is dirty or has peeling paint – fix it. How about the roof – is it missing any shingles or does it have any moss or mold (power wash). Don’t forget the windows – make them shine!

Now for the interior. We know that new bathrooms and kitchens sell homes,but if you don’t have the budget try some of these ideas. Replace outdated counter tops,hardware and faucets. Make sure you clean and/or paint the cabinets. If you have an out dated brass chandelier replace it or spray paint it.

Finally just remember to:

  1. De-clutter – time to get rid of or donate the clutter.
  2. De-personalize – put all photos, religious items and refrigerator art work away
  3. Neutralize – the décor,paint colors and odor
  4. Clean – clean, clean and clean



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  1. March 7, 2011 4:11 pm

    Good tips! Those are the top 4 things I always ask my potential sellers to do. Potential buyers will walk away if there is too much clutter or dirt.

  2. Todd Rendle permalink
    March 7, 2011 4:45 pm

    Good tips, they sound vaguely familiar…

  3. March 9, 2011 12:31 am

    Thanks Susan – Homes would be a lot easier to sell if people took the advice. Sometimes it takes a little time before folks realize this.How is the market in GA ? Things are getting busy here in Westchester.


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