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The winter is killing my lips

January 12, 2011

I don’t know about you but this year seems to be taking a toll on my
lips. The weather has been unusually cold and windy and my lips are
suffering for it. They look like the scaly skin on a fish, it is absolutely
disgusting. I have tried the sticks you buy in stores, but it seemed like
the more I applied the drier my lips got. I have used petroleum jelly in
the past which seemed to work, but it was greasy and I didn’t like the
idea of using anything with the word petroleum in it on my body. I was
recently at a holiday gathering and my friend’s grandmother couldn’t
help but point out how terrible my lips looked. I sheepishly said “I
know” (of course inside my head I was thinking unkind thoughts about
this rude old woman). She told me that I needed to use some lip balm
made from Honey Bee Propolis. I told her I tried those bee sticks
but wasn’t overly thrilled with them. She corrected me and told me
that she was talking about something completely different. She told
me when she was a little girl her father was a bee keeper and they
used Bee Propolis to heal burns, cuts and dry skin. It seems that
bee propolis is a substance produced by honey bees used to seal off
their hive from predators. It has natural antifungal and antibacterial
properties. She pulled out of her bag what appeared to be an old pill
box and gestured me to try some. I assumed this was the Propolis
she was talking about. I took one look at that nasty tin and said “no
thanks”. For those of you that don’t know me I am a big germ-a-phob.
No way would I use something that others have had their hands in. I
politely refused and she said something to me in another language – I
am guessing it wasn’t very nice!

When I got home I looked up this Propolis stuff and was truly amazed
that the old lady was right. The next day I went to Mrs Green’s to get
some Propolis Lip balm. To my disappointment they didn’t carry it,
they only had the extract. I tried the internet a finally found it. I have
ordered from a couple of different companies to see which one I like
better. So far I am very pleased with how different my lips look and
feel. I guess the old lady really knew what she was talking about.

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