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Sinapi’s Bagels

November 10, 2014

sinapi3 There is a new Bagel Shop in Town and if you haven’t tried it out I urge you to do so. I know, I know, you are saying to yourself – big deal – But it is a BIG deal if you like REAL New York Style Bagels. It’s been so long since I had a great bagel that I fooled myself into thinking that the Bagels that were available in Town were good. That was until Sinapi Bagels opened their doors a few weeks ago. The Bagels are crispy outside and soft inside – the way Bagels ought to be! The Bagels are boiled and then baked (not steamed like other places) If bagels are not your thing then why not try some of the awesome baked goods made on the premises by the owner Anthony Sinapi , Master Baker (Cake Boss has nothing on this guy).sinapi1 Not in the mood for baked goods then you will be glad to find out that Sinapi’s also offers sandwiches and wraps. Remember the Burger King Jingle – ‘Hold the pickle, hold the lettuce, special orders don’t upset us’….. Well that is exactly how it is at Sinapi’s – no need to worry about getting yelled if you have a special request – they are pleased to serve you – they treat you like family:)

You can find Sinapi’s Bagels at 222 Main Street
They offer Catering and delivery

Kisco 5K Run

September 20, 2014

kisco run2
The excitement continued to build outside Tommie Copper today with the distribution of the ‘Kisco 5 K ‘race packets. The race is tomorrow morning and it promises to offer something for everyone. The first annual “Kisco Dash” will happen immediately after the main race is over at Kirby Plaza. This is a race for ‘little ones’ and will be Led by MKES phys ed teacher “Coach D”. It is a short run where kids will cross the finish line, see their time and get a medal . No registration needed.
Although, I won’t be running I will be there to cheer on my neighbors and family. Come on down and Please bring a Non Perishable food item with you for the interfaith food Pantry.kisco run1
This is truly a great community awareness event and my hat goes off to the ladies that made it all possible ( Lisa Abzun, Kathy Lynch and Eileen Polese ).

Kisco 5K Run

September 14, 2014

2014-08-30 14.46.05

Today is the last day to register on line for the Kisco 5K Run. Don’t be left out, this is going to be one of the best events during Sale Days. If you can’t Run, then walk or how about volunteering ….

Online registration at ENDS this Sunday, September 14th.

– You can still register on Saturday, September 20th in front of Tommie Copper in Mt. Kisco from 11am-2pm or inside the store in case of inclement weather.

– They will also be offering LIMITED race day registration on Sunday September 21st at 7:00am

Check them out on FB – Kisco Run

See you on there 🙂

More Bad News for Mrs. Green’s Natural Market

August 1, 2014

Mrs. Greens is back in the news again. In case you haven’t been following here is a recap.
It was back in May of 2013 that some workers filed for a Union Election and lost by only three votes. In June of that year The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) charged Mrs. Green’s with violating Federal Labor Laws. In November the federal charges were settled with Mrs. Greens. The store agreed to create a better working environment for the workers. In January of 2014 Mrs. Green’s fired 8 employees, for reportedly ‘poor customer relations’. The 8 feel it is because of their involvement in trying to get a Union Vote. In May the CEO of Mrs. Green’s steps down. The workers are hired back a few days before a NLRB hearing.
So that brings us to the latest news for Mrs. Green’s. The Natural Market is being sued in Federal Court by two companies that are owed close to a Million dollars for advertising services (signs and flyers) that were provided to all of the Mrs. Green’s locations.
I guess Mrs. Green’s is going under the idea that there is no such thing as bad publicity…. What do you think?

What’s NEW in Kisco

July 28, 2014

I always new Kisco was a ‘walkable’ community but now with the installation of new curbs,sidewalks and paved streets it has gotten a lot easier and safer.
Now lets talk about how ‘Beautiful’ the Downtown area is looking. Have you seen these beautiful planters spread out throughout the town, not to mention the gorgeous plantings in and around Leonard Park.This Town is looking great.
sign2 Ok the biggest change is the new Banners that advertise locale businesses in town. They show different scenes in Kisco (like Chief Kisco and the Pagoda). Kudos to the banners they are a BIG improvement from those crazy yellow flags that no one knew what the heck they were for. The Banners advertise all the great shops and restaurants in Mount Kisco.
Get out and explore Kisco – you will be glad you did.

Public Meeting – Police Consolidation

June 14, 2014

The Village Board of Trustees will have the Westchester County Department of Public Safety make a presentation on the County’s proposal for the provision of Police Services in the Village next Monday evening, June 16, 2014 at 7 PM in the Board Room on the second floor of Village Hall. The presentation will be made by members of the Westchester County Department of Public Safety and will include the analysis and findings completed by WCDPS and the details of the potential services they could provide for the Village.

Please come out and get the facts regarding The Mt Kisco Police department joining with the County Police department.There is a lot of conflicting information floating around out there,this is your chance to get the facts so you can make an informed decision.

See you there – Monday night 7:00 pm – Town Hall

School Vote 2014

May 14, 2014

The school budget vote is quickly coming upon us (May 20th from 7:00am to 9:00pm). This year more than ever it is important to get out and make your voices heard, not only to vote on the budget, but more importantly for the two open seats on the Board. These are the folks that are going to be making critical decisions for the district in the next few years. It is so important to elect members that are qualified and are truly in it for the right reasons, simply saying ‘you’re doing it for the kids – isn’t good enough. I know many of you probably don’t even know who is running. The league of Woman Voters hosted a Candidate forum last Wednesday night. It was a terrific event that allowed the audience to get a feel for the candidates. If you missed this event you can see a re-broadcast on cable (check your local listings) or you can watch it on line (go to districts main page and on the left hand side under Quick Links click on BCSD-TV then choose the tab on the top that says Video on Demand – scroll down to Candidates Forum). I urge everyone to take a look at this program.
After watching the forum the two Candidates that stood out the most were Andrew Bracco and Edward Reder. Both of these men are current members of the Board (Ed Reder was most recently selected to fill a vacant seat). For me their back grounds in finance, budget planning, technology, NYS Assembly and working with the Department of Ed are invaluable when it comes to the monumental tasks that await the board in the next five years. I feel comfortable knowing that these candidates will be financially responsible, but will also keep in mind the quality and integrity of the current programs. Bracco and Reder seem to have the ability to see through the fog of state regulations and unfunded mandates and are able to get right to the main issues. Serving on the board is no easy task and requires a sense of commitment and expertise that I know Mr. Bracco and Mr. Reder embody.
Ok so now it is up to you – make sure you get out and VOTE – below is some voting information I copied from the districts website:
Eligible community residents must be registered to vote. To find out if you are registered to vote, you may contact the Westchester County Board of Elections at 995-5700 or Carole LaColla, District Clerk, at 241-6011. If you are registered to vote in local or national elections, you are automatically registered to vote in School District Elections. However, if you have not voted in the past four years, your voter registration would be marked inactive and you are required to re-register to vote.
Please note that the deadline to register in the schools is May 15 2014.
If you may be out of the area on May 20th, you may vote by absentee ballot. To vote by absentee ballot, please complete an application for absentee ballot, accessible from the link below, and return to:
Carole LaColla, District Clerk
Bedford Central School District
P.O. Box 180, Mount Kisco, NY 10549
Please make note of the following mandated timeline information:
• Tuesday May 13, 2014 is the deadline for submitting an application for absentee ballot if the ballot is to be mailed to you.
• Monday May 19, 2014 is the deadline for submitting an application for absentee ballot if the ballot is to be hand delivered to you.
• Please note that a ballot may only be hand delivered to the registered voter for whom the application is being submitted. All other ballots must be mailed to the absentee voter.
• ALL COMPLETED BALLOTS MUST BE RECEIVED IN THE DISTRICT CLERK’S OFFICE BY 5:00 P.M. ON TUESDAY, MAY 20, 2014 in order to be counted in the vote tally.
If you have any questions, please call the District Clerk, Carole LaColla at 241-6011

Hot and Sticky Air Conditioning Weather

May 11, 2014

Well, for anyone who was wondering what kind of summer it was going to be I think yesterdays weather was a prelude to what we can expect. I was caught off guard as many of you probably were. I rushed around trying to get my air conditioner ready. I always make sure I clean the vents and the condenser before I turn it on for the season. There is nothing worse than turning on your unit for the first time only to be met with that stale unpleasant smell.
I clean the outside (and as much of the inside as I can reach) on all the vents. I also spray an all natural enzyme spray into the return duct to help with the areas I cannot reach.
After removing the cover from the condenser I clean it using a mild cleanser and hose it down completely removing any leaves or twigs that might have gotten stuck in the grill.
Finally, I replace all the filters.There are many different kinds but I use the more expensive HEPA filters to help with all the air borne allergens. I find these filters do a much better job than the cheaper blue nylon ones. My last tip is when you put your A/C o for the first time leave the windows and doors open for the fist five minutes. This will allow any of the dust you may have missed to come out of the vents and get blown out side.The same tips can be used for window units. Happy Summer 🙂

Kisco Happenings

April 25, 2014


Closets aren’t the only things that need to be cleaned out this Spring – Don’t forget to clean out your Medicine Cabinets – take your unwanted Pills and bring them to The Mt Kisco Police Station at 40 Green Street this Saturday from 10:00 to 2:00.

Let’s Play Ball
Baseball Opening Day is Saturday, April 26th. Line up at the Old Post Office Building (located next to the Village Hall) @ 9:30am. Parade will begin at 10:00am sharp! Players will march with their team to Leonard Park for Opening Day Ceremony . Bring your mitt and be ready for game play and a lot of fun!!! All are invited 🙂

Coyote Talk

September 6, 2013

The Mount Kisco Public Library is hosting an educational talk about Coyotes – check it out