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Hot and Sticky Air Conditioning Weather

May 11, 2014

Well, for anyone who was wondering what kind of summer it was going to be I think yesterdays weather was a prelude to what we can expect. I was caught off guard as many of you probably were. I rushed around trying to get my air conditioner ready. I always make sure I clean the vents and the condenser before I turn it on for the season. There is nothing worse than turning on your unit for the first time only to be met with that stale unpleasant smell.
I clean the outside (and as much of the inside as I can reach) on all the vents. I also spray an all natural enzyme spray into the return duct to help with the areas I cannot reach.
After removing the cover from the condenser I clean it using a mild cleanser and hose it down completely removing any leaves or twigs that might have gotten stuck in the grill.
Finally, I replace all the filters.There are many different kinds but I use the more expensive HEPA filters to help with all the air borne allergens. I find these filters do a much better job than the cheaper blue nylon ones. My last tip is when you put your A/C o for the first time leave the windows and doors open for the fist five minutes. This will allow any of the dust you may have missed to come out of the vents and get blown out side.The same tips can be used for window units. Happy Summer đŸ™‚

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