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Bagel Puffs at Sinapi’s Bagel Cafe

September 25, 2016


Forget about Mini-Bagels you have to try the newest creation from Anthony  Sinapi called Bagel Puffs. They are miniature versions of a traditional Bagel without the hole; instead they are filled with cream cheese or butter. Perfect for the commuter or Mom on the go.


The size is perfect and there is no mess. I ordered 2 dozen for a business meeting and they were a huge hit. It saved me a lot of time since I didn’t have to bring along cream cheese or butter (and no knife was needed) – just bite and go. The only problem I see is that- you can’t just eat one!


I spoke with a Mom who said the size was perfect for her 3 year old to hold in his hand during car rides (kept him tantrum free on his ride to pre-school).Personally I thought the center would be mushy, boy was I wrong – the center definitely stands up to the robust filling. Don’t take my word for it get to Sinapi’s and try them yourself.

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