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Record Low Temps and Frozen Pipes

February 14, 2016

Last nights temperatures hit a record low in the Hudson Valley (below zero in most areas – these were actual temps and not wind chills).As you can imagine many pipes froze. I spent the evening checking in on some of my listings to make sure that they were prepared for the cold. Below are some tips to follow. Tonight’s temps won’t be as cold but pipes can still freeze.thermomiter
The first thing you should do is keep the cabinet doors open on all sinks that are located on an exterior wall.The trick is to allow a circulation of warmer air around the pipes.I take it a step further by using a foam insulation panel on the back of the cabinet.If you have young children please REMOVE all chemicals from under the sink before you do this.sink
Check your house for any openings around pipes,electrical service,dryer vents etc. and seal them up with insulation. Cold air coming in near pipes can cause them to freeze.Don’t forget to check those drafty basement windows and insulate those as well.
The best thing you can do in weather like this is to keep the water moving through the pipes.Turn a faucet on in your house that is farthest from the water main to a slow steady trickle.If you notice a decrease in water pressure your pipes might be beginning to freeze so run warm water through them to loosen any ice that might be beginning to form.
water mainIf your pipes do freeze the first thing to do is turn off your water main (everyone should know where their main is for emergencies) to minimize damage and call a professional to help.

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  1. February 15, 2016 12:08 pm

    Thanks for all the great wintery tips, I will be sure to share!

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