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Mice, Mice Everywhere

October 4, 2015

This is the time of year that those cute little furry friends try to take up residence in your home. As cute as they are, not many folks like the idea of sharing their homes with Mice and for good reason, their droppings carry diseases and Mice also harbor Dear Tics.
The first order of business is to try to keep them from coming in. This can be a tough task since Mice can squeeze through holes as small as a dime. Do an inspection around the perimeter of your home and repeat the process on the inside. A favorite access point for Mice are dryer vents that are low to the ground, make sure the vents are not clogged with lint that prevent them from closing properly.
If you want to try to get rid of the Mice yourself here are some tips:
1. Place traps in areas where you see mouse droppings.mice poop Don’t vacuum up droppings because you can get sick if you inhale the airborne urine and fecal matter.Mice have terrible eye site and tend to make paths along walls – place traps along walls instead of the middle of the floor.
2. If you are going to use bait stations with poison do not use the kind that has pellets. Mice don’t always eat the poison right away – they sometimes bring it back to the nest or hide it around your house (this can be dangerous for your Pets and kids). Instead use the poison that is a paste or a gel stick – they can’t transport this kind.mice poison
3. You can use many different kinds of foods to entice Mice – peanut butter works well and according to my neighbor the #1 thing to use is Tootsie Rolls. Mice have an incredible sense of smell so it is important to switch out the bait often no matter what kind you use so it doesn’t rot.
If this isn’t your cup of Tea just call a professional 🙂

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