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Things I learned From the Artic Blast

January 29, 2013
  1. 1.   Just because your pipes haven’t frozen before doesn’t mean they will never freeze.
  2. 2.   Always back your car into the driveway when the temperature will dip into the single digits – just in case your car won’t start and you have to get a jump-start from your neighbor.
  3. 3.   Make sure you turn off the water main to your outside spigots so they won’t freeze.

     Ok Only #2 happened to me but the others were issues faced by my friends and neighbors. If you haven’t taken care of any air leaks or pipe issues yet this winter, I urge you to please take a look around your house now before the next arctic blast hits (February 2-8th). You will have a small window of opportunity this week when temperatures will be in the 40’s and 50’s.

    In the meantime mark any air leaks around windows and doors with tape or chalk now (I use recycled sticky arrows :).air leak When the temperature gets above 45 you will be able to apply any of the weather-stripping products (or calking) you can buy at your locale hardware store (don’t waste your time if the temperature is below 45 because the adhesive won’t stick).

     Insulate your pipes especially if they are exposed to the elements like an unheated crawl space or garage. I use a special wire heater that I attached directly to the pipe in my crawl space. I am happy to report it worked beautifully during this latest cold snap.heat freeze Here is a cheap quick fix – if you have issues with bathroom or kitchen plumbing possibly freezing just leave the doors open under the cabinet, allowing the warm room air to circulate under the sink. I hope you all keep warm and if you have any tips on winterizing your home I would love to hear them.

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