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Back To School BCSD

September 3, 2012

     The smell of normalcy is in the air. Tomorrow the kids go back to school –yaaaa! It is back to routines and order (my favorite things). Don’t get me wrong, I love the lazy days of summer and the freedom to be able to just relax and do nothing, but after a while it gets to be just plain crazy. I particularly hate the week prior to going back to school because it is filled with anxiety (what Teachers do I have – are any of my friends in my classes – why do I have to go) and stress trying to get the kids back into a bedtime routine.

     The Schools haven’t been lazy; they have been getting everything clean, polished and ready to go for the new school year. I noticed at FLHS they got some great new furniture in the ‘Commons’ area for the students to relax on. The furniture gives the area a bright ‘chic’ feel that I am sure the kids will enjoy.

     On an Eco note I was happy to see an additional water fountain/bottle fill-up station at the High School. This promotes the reduction of plastic bottles. It is a water fountain that has the ability to fill your reusable water containers for free. I will enjoy this last day of summer – but I am looking forward to the cool Autumn weather – how about you?

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