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What’s With the Yellow Flags Around Town?

August 5, 2012

     Like so many of you I wondered about those yellow flags around Town. I thought to myself – were they for a parade , some special occasion or promotional theme for downtown like Kisco Summer Sunday or Sidewalk Sale Days ? Perhaps they were there to promote dialogue which could help some of the struggling downtown merchants. I really didn’t know so I set out to find the answer. I called the man in ‘the know’ Mayor Mike. Here is what he told me:

“The yellow flags are an initiative of the downtown merchants who wanted to do something to brighten the Village during this period of economic uncertainty. The flags were funded by the merchants, the majority being small businesses facing difficult times. If nothing else the flags are drawing attention to our business district. Each resident can derive individual feelings from the flags, from Mt Kisco is a bright spot to supporting the young men and women serving this Country in harms way. The yellow was a quick fix to help the merchants, hopefully future displays will have a theme. American flags will continued to be displayed during patriotic holidays and parades and theme flags at other times. The merchants are trying to survive and I am committed to help.”     I couldn’t agree more. I am in full support of shopping and supporting the local merchants. I think the yellow flags are a great first step. I would offer this suggestion: I think it would be great to have some verbage on the flags like a logo or statement (Shop Local, Support Small Businesses etc. ). I am not alone in thinking that Mt. Kisco is a great place to live, shop and the best value for your money when thinking about purchasing a home. Check out the article that featured Mt. Kisco in the Wall Street Journal yesterday –


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  1. August 6, 2012 3:18 am

    Excellent idea to stimulate awareness about the communities we live in.

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