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A Complete Moving Experience !

July 28, 2012

     I got a frantic call last night around 10:00pm from a soon to be client of mine; stating that her basement was flooded. I got over to her house to find an inch of water in her basement and water dripping from the ceiling. I ran upstairs and found the culprit; it was a washing machine hose that had sprung a leak. The floor drain that is supposed to prevent water damage from the floors below was clogged with dirt, lint and partially blocked by an old sock (wonder how long they were looking for the match to that sock). I turned off the valve but knew we had to get up as much of the water as possible to prevent further damage and mold growth. I got a wet dry vac and vacuumed up all the visible water and then told her to run a fan on it all night. I gave her the names and numbers of some reputable plumbers and water damage specialists for her to call in the morning.

     She thanked me and stated that I really went ‘above and beyond’ what my duties were as her soon to be Agent. I told her that I didn’t consider helping someone going ‘above and beyond’. My company’s motto is ‘A Complete Moving experience’ and to me ANYTHING that I can do to help a client buy or sell their home falls under that heading.

Here are some tips to help you prevent possible water damage from washers:

1. Put them in the basement – less damage from a leak

2. Inspect drain regularly to make sure it is clean and free from debris and not blocked

3. Turn off water at the faucet between loads

4. Get rid of cheap water hoses and go for heavy-duty commercial grade or metal reinforced ones (I have commercial grade ones – like they use in a laundromat – red one on left)

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  1. July 29, 2012 4:32 am

    As a person that has had a similar experience these recommendations are essential. Thank you for sharing…

    • July 29, 2012 12:42 pm

      Thanks for the comment Elisa – When I got home that night I went immediately to my washer and checked to make sure I turned off the water and everything looked good 🙂

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