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Best of Kisco Meets Theresa Caputo, The Long Island Medium

July 2, 2012

A few weeks back I had the pleasure of meeting Theresa Caputo (The Long Island Medium) and her husband Larry. I am a huge fan of the show (I am not sure if she can really channel loved ones but I am behind her many positive messages). The show is both entertaining and real all at the same time. Her interactions with her kids really resonate with people. I love that her kids think she is nuts! The one thing I can say is that her message is all about hope and self-empowerment. She helps people let go of the past and gently guides them towards the future. I think all of us could use a little Theresa Caputo in our lives (I am referring to our present lives, not the ones we may have had in the past). At the end of her show she stated “always embrace, love, honor & respect what you have and most importantly yourself! Faith, love & happiness to you always… God Bless”.

I ran into a few Kisco peeps at the show – Oh by the way Theresa is a BIG fan Of Best of Kisco! There is a rumor that she might show up for Kisco Summer Sunday.

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