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My Dog is a Slob

April 18, 2012

My Dog is the sloppiest eater I know. She gets her food and water all over the place. It is so hard to keep up with her and I am trying my best to keep the house clean for showings. I was asked to review this new product called the Neater Feeder. It looked like a good idea but I just didn’t have the time to try it out so it sat in the garage for months. Recently after cleaning up water for the 5th time and having it tracked all over, I gave the neater feeder a try. I was pleasantly surprised on how great it worked.

The ingenious design keeps all the spills contained until you have time to clean them up. No more footprints on the kitchen floor! The neater feeder comes in different sizes to accommodate all Dogs and Cats and it even comes with leg extensions (if your dog needs to eat at a higher height).

I would highly recommend this product to all pet owners out there. You can buy it at your local pet store or check them out on the web at

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