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Spring Garden Tips

April 11, 2012

It’s that time of year again. Those pain in the neck weeds are popping up all over. It seems like the warm Winter has tripled the amount of weeds in my garden. The recent rain appears to have woken up the sleeping giants. What to do – It’s back-breaking work to pick them by hand and quite frankly there are too many and don’t want to use chemicals (because of the kids and pets that use the lawn). A good friend told me about White Vinegar ; All you do is put some in a bottle and spray away.This is how one Weed looked the next day after I sprayed it with Vinegar. The trick is to spray the whole weed, not just the root.I think it does a pretty good job and I will be using a lot of Vinegar this Spring. If you spray at night  the next morning the smell will disappear. Here is another trick , I accidentally discovered. My wheelbarrow had a flat tire and I needed to move some small stones. I used my daughters old Sled (after all it didn’t get much use this winter). It glided easily  over the grass and even the pavement.

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