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Updating Outdated Light Fixtures

March 24, 2012

I have been doing a lot of cleaning and painting to get the house ready to sell and I realized that I needed to update my lighting fixtures.Nothing dates a home more than old brass/gold hardware and fixtures.You know my motto Re-use and Re-purpose whenever you can. I decided to try to spray paint them.I hung the Chandelier from my neighbors swing set and sprayed it first with a primer. I experimented with a few different colors until I got the desired effect. I used a lot of light coats and made sure I allowed enough time in between so they could properly dry. I used a textured paint to give it a nice look. I wanted an oil rubbed bronze look.After I was sure that the paint was dry I re-hung the fixtures. This was all done for less than $20.00.

A few touch ups were needed so I sprayed a little paint into a cup and used a paint brush to dab the needed areas.

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