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New Environmentally Friendly way to Heat your Room

November 15, 2011

During this past storm (that caused the power to go out for days) I got to thinking about what I would do if we lost power in the dead of winter. I have tossed around the idea of getting a generator but you can’t plug in your furnace. Then I thought about getting some space heaters (I have a feeling that idea is not practical or safe). In order to hook up my furnace I would have to hire an electrician and get a transfer switch (I will do another post on generators soon). I don’t think I am ready to do that quite yet. I came across another product that I think I might try called Radiant panels.

Prestyl USA has launched a line of state-of-the-art far-infrared Radiant Artwork heating panels. The panels are customizable thin-film artworks that provide heat to any room in your home. The Panels are based on a highly efficient French thin-film technology that has been used overseas for nearly 16 years. Some of the great features of this product are:

They are virtually silent

Do not create moisture buildup – no mold

Your room will be rapidly heated

There is no air movement – so no dust circulation (great for allergy sufferers)

The panel itself remains at a low temperature avoiding black marks and dirt

They are safe to touch (no worries about the kids getting hurt)

The panels are maintenance free and very efficient

Energy savings range from 15 – 50% (depending on placement and building conditions)

Ok hold on to your hats not only are they energy efficient but they are also ecologically sound (they are made with recycled materials and the panels are 99% recyclable at the end of their life)

The panels can be wall or ceiling mounted – they require no plumbing or air ducts and they plug into a regular outlet – COOL- heck you can even move them around to new locations

For more information check out the web site at:

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