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Say Cheese-It’s Holiday Picture Time

November 4, 2011

Writing this Blog has given me the opportunity to meet some really great and talented people. One such person is Kristin D’Aliso, the owner of RoccoSmith Photography. What an amazingly talented and genuinely warm person. I was so taken back by her incredible ability to see things through her camera lens that I couldn’t see with my naked eye. She is equally comfortable taking landscape, nature or family shots. If you have ever tried to have family portraits taken you know how difficult it can be. If the photographer doesn’t make you or your kids feel comfortable – forget it. Kristin has a way to get you and your kids to relax and feel comfortable. Maybe it’s because she has her own kids or maybe it’s just because she is a natural at it – who knows but it works.

The only way to get natural looking great shots is if you have a talented photographer who can make you feel at ease. You don’t want photos with forced fake smiles or ‘deer in the head lights look (leave that to the school photographer). If you are thinking about getting a family shot for the Holidays I urge you to give her a call. She has great rates and lots of packages to choose from, you can even purchase digital images for use later on. There is something for everyone’s budget. Check out some of her work at:

Or call her at:

1 845.453.6937

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