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BGR- The Burger Joint Opens in Mt Kisco

October 4, 2011

People that know me know that I am a self-described ‘Burger Freak’- I love burgers. Needless to say I couldn’t wait until BGR- the Burger Joint opened up. I had a sneak peek and taste over the weekend but today I actually sat down for a full meal with my daughter.

The place has a clean, sleek, hip look that reminds me of my teen years with posters of some of my favorite bands and ‘rock stars’. The menu is on a huge blackboard. After you figure out what you want (easier said than done) you place your order at the counter. They give you a 45’record with a number on it and you find yourself a table. You have to be patient because each item is made to order – this is good quality slow cooked food – not ‘fast food’. Sit back and relax because your taste buds are going to be tantalized.

While waiting for my food I spoke with Denise who came up from the Bronx with her kids Haley and Brian. She had The Wellington and loved it. She said that ‘all the ingredients blended together nicely’. There wasn’t any one ingredient ‘that overpowered the other’. Her kids echoed her sentiments that the food was ‘great’. I also spoke with Barbra from Kisco who was a vegetarian but brought her kids for a burger. She was enjoying some Asparagus fries (grilled and sprinkled with some parmesan cheese).

Now for my order – some delicious sliders, Turkey burger, regular and sweet potato fries. Warning – you are going to need a lot of napkins when you eat here (not a good choice for a first date). The sliders were great – the meat was marinated to perfection and the bun was to die for (lightly toasted with a hint of butter). My daughter gave two thumbs up for her Turkey burger. After eating it was time to wash up – the restrooms are immaculate and have cute Pac-man – Ms. Pac-man logos on the doors. They play kids music in the restrooms which is kind of cool – I got to listen to School House Rock – Conjunction –Junction what’s your function?

I spoke to the owner Luigi Olinto and his manager Rob Burns. Both men are thrilled to be open and have been overwhelmed with the turnout so far at the restaurant. I think it is safe to say that these guys are going to be busy for quite some time. Oh I forgot to mention that they have a daily lunch special Mon-Fri 11-2 ‘The Box Set’ for $8.99

Things to know:

20 S Moger Ave Mt Kisco


Open Mon- Sun 11-10


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  1. Rich Donovan permalink
    October 4, 2011 1:43 am

    This is the best burger you have ever had. I tried the simple burger – no cheese. Tastes like it just came off a charcoal grill. The bun seals in the juices and is delicous. Fresh, thick slice of tomato & green crisp Romaine lettuce. Can’t wait to try the The Greek!

    • October 4, 2011 10:28 am

      I couldn’t agree more Rich – I have a few more burgers that I have to try out and their shakes. Too much food for one sitting – I have to spread it out

  2. Elizabeth permalink
    October 5, 2011 12:17 am

    I started with The Wellington (with a capital T) is the best burger I have ever had – the caramelized onions, mushrooms, truffles and mojo sauce blended together added nicely without overwhelming the burger. The sweet potato fries are to die for, regular fries are also the best…….washed everything down with wonderful raspberry ice tea.

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