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MeMe’s Treats Yum Yum!

August 3, 2011

I just returned from sampling some of MeMe’s Treats own “crazy delicious cookies.” Oh boy is my waistline in for trouble!

I love cookies but I am a self-described “cookie-snob” so I wasn’t expecting much. I knew after my first bite that I was going to be hooked. While I was eating the cookie I was brought back to a time when I was a kid and my best friend’s Mom made the best chocolate chip cookies I ever had. They were big, soft, fluffy and moist. Not like the hard flat stuff I was accustomed to in my Mom’s Irish Kitchen. This is not to reflect badly on my Mom, she knew she wasn’t much of a baker. My Father often told the story when they were dating and my Mom made him a Lemon Meringue pie. She saw this yellow capsule (which was the lemon flavoring) in the mix and threw it out thinking it was something bad. Well you can imagine how that must have tasted. Not so with MeMe’s cookies they are incredibly delicious.

I started with the Gluten Free chocolate chip cookie. Unbelievable taste and texture. I have many family members that are Gluten intolerant and most of the time the baked goods they have to eat taste like #@!%, well they are just awful. I would eat this cookie any time. I have never tasted a gluten free product this good before. I can’t wait to share them with my family.

Another product that caught my eye was the Doggie Biscotti. It is an all- natural dog biscuit that humans or canines can eat. The ingredients are all natural with honey & natural peanut butter tucked inside and they come in different sizes for your dog. Dawn the owner/baker said she had a lot of fun creating these. She grew up with Dogs all her life so she really knows what they like.

I left the shop with a bag full of cookies and spread the word I had some treats I wanted people to try. My friends dropped by and enjoyed all the cookies. The cookies they tried were: BananaNana Oatmeal Walnut,
Dark Chocolate Espresso, Peanut Butter Chunk, White Chocolate Almond Chunk and Raisinilla. Wow what a delicious mouth full. They all became instant fans of the cookies.

The owner of the store is Dawn White, a former graphic designer who left her corporate life to fulfill a lifelong passion of baking. Dawn told me that her “mother-in-law was such an inspiration to her” and the impetus behind her baking cookies. She said she can remember going over to her boyfriend’s house (whom she ended up marrying) after school and enjoying his mom’s fresh baked cookies.

The shop has a warm welcoming feel to it. It is sort of like sitting at your Grandmothers kitchen table and knowing that something good is about to come out of the oven. You can see that Dawn puts her heart and
soul into everything she produces from the cookies to custom packaging and decorative bows she makes herself. While I was in the shop she got a call from someone out of state that heard about her cookies and
wanted to know if she could send a basket of cookies for an opening night celebration. Dawn told him that she would bake the cookies he requested fresh the next morning and send them out via express mail in the
afternoon. Wow, now that’s service! She told him that the cookies can be frozen (I highly doubt they ever get to the freezer) or heated up slightly in the microwave. I immediately got a vision in my head of melted chocolate all gooey and warm. I knew I had to abandon my usual pie-a-la-mode for a cookie a-la-mode.

Do yourself a favor and get over to MeMe’s Treats at 159 Lexington Avenue and experience some of the best darn cookies in Town. As a Realtor I am always looking for unique housewarming gifts. A custom designed cookie basket/box I think will do the trick – thanks Dawn and crew and welcome to Mt Kisco.

If you want more information about MeMe’s Treats you can call them at 914-6071187 or visit them on the web .

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