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Organic Mattresses

May 23, 2011

A new store called Healthy Choice Organic Mattress opened up in Kisco on April 1st but this was no April fools joke; they are serious about providing you with the best all natural healthy sleep you’ve had in years. I met with Tom Dolack who was happy to educate me on the benefits of going “organic” when it comes to mattresses.

What exactly is an organic Mattress I asked? Tom told me that all the materials that go into making the mattress from the support system to the padding are certified organic. There are no chemicals and its non-toxic (no need to worry about off gassing). It’s one of the most eco-friendly mattresses around.

Tom told me that un-like a traditional mattress the organic mattress echoes the natural contours of your body, thus supporting your entire torso equally – no pressure points. The mattress is able to breathe which aids in a more comfortable sleep. I gave the mattress a try and I have to say it was a great experience. As soon as I got on, I felt cradled in comfort. It was like wrapping myself up in a quilted comforter on a cold winter day. If that is not enough to convenience you they also have an adjustable model – simply incredible!

The Organic Mattress costs more than a regular mattress but it comes with a 25 year warranty which is great. Each mattress is hand crafted and made to order (It takes about two weeks- they are made in Connecticut). When I asked Tom why he opened up a store in Kisco he said because it is centrally located. He has another store in Danbury and he found that a lot of customers were coming from NYC and Westchester so Mt Kisco made perfect sense.

The store is located next to A&S Market at 681 East Main Street; the number is 914-241-2467 or you can check them out on the web – and

Go see and feel the difference Organic makes!

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