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My Bird Feeder Dilemma

May 18, 2011

A client of mine who was moving decided not to take his bird feeders with him. I hate to waste things so I took them home and thought my daughter would enjoy feeding the birds.

The novelty of feeding the birds quickly came to an end when it came time to re-fill the feeders. It was such a pain to try to refill the feeders because the hole was so small and the seeds would spill all over the place.

This seeds on the ground created an extra problem of attracting unwanted rodents that fed on the spilled food – not good. After thinking about the problem for a while I came up with a fool proof method to fill the feeders without spilling seed on the floor. I re-purposed some plastic juice and milk containers.

First I found an old plastic Juice container that worked well with filling up the feeder – but I still had the problem of trying to get the seeds into the container.

I came up with the idea of cutting the top off a plastic milk container jug (quart size). It fits perfectly inside the mouth of the juice bottle and acts as funnel so the problem of spilled seeds was solved. It is so easy to fill up the feeders now.
The only issue now is keeping up with bird’s insatiable appetites.
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