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How to Make Your Own Water Barrel

May 13, 2011

I have seen rain barrels in catalogues for over a hundred dollars. Here’s how I made mine for less than $50.

1.   You need a plastic garbage can – The can needs to be thicker/stronger than the one you used for the compost bin because it needs to be strong enough to hold water. This will probably run you around $20.

2.   Cut the top of the can big enough to accommodate your liter (drain) pipe. Don’t make it too big because you want it to fit snugly. You need to also cut your drain pipe to fit into the can (cut it long enough to fit a few inches into the can).

3.   There is another way to collect water by just placing a garbage can under the open drain pipe and the water will drop into the can. If you use this method you must use a screen to prevent leaves and mosquitoes from getting into the pail. I used an old window screen.

4.   Buy a submersible pump. You can get one on line or at a garage sale for around $25. Connect the hose to the pump and drop it into the pail of water. Now you can start to water.

5.   If you don’t want to use a pump or don’t have access to an outlet you can simply fill a watering can with the water from the can and water away.

The whole thing should just set you back around fifty bucks – not bad. Using rain water for your garden is much better than tap water and a lot easier on your wallet.

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