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Art Emporium Closing Its Doors

February 26, 2011

After 30years in the business Lisa Muse is calling it quits and closing her Art store in Mount Kisco.

Thursday morning was the first day of the liquidation sale and people were lined up waiting for the doors to open. I spoke with Marsha P. from Kisco who said she has been shopping at the Emporium for years and she was sorry to hear that it was closing. She hadn’t been at the store for a while since her kids went off to school but today she wanted to purchase a few items just to have “on hand”.

Lisa said the decision to close was not an easy one. Her husband had retired three years ago and she wants to spend more time with him. In addition she wants to spend time with her parents who are quickly ailing. Lisa wants to let the public know that everything must go including the store fixtures, furniture and equipment. Everything in the store has been reduced.

I ran into Cathy who was looking at the signs in the window with disbelief. “I can remember when this store was located on South Moger” (where Papyrus is currently) .I thought they would go out of business when the store got flooded by hurricane Floyd but they dried out and continued on so it is quite a surprise to see them go now.

If you are in the market for some quality art supplies then stop by the Art Emporium. All the prices have been reduced and the retirement sale ends on April 14th. I wish Lisa and her crew good luck and want to let them know they will be missed by many.

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