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40 proof Chocolate Milk?

January 24, 2011

Remember the “alcoholic energy drink” Four Loko. It had plenty of sugar, the same amount of alcohol found in four beers and plenty of caffeine. It came in a brightly colored can with cool logos and cost under four bucks. It wasn’t long before this product caused chaos among under age drinkers and was taken off the market.

Get ready boys-n-girls for a new product called Adult Chocolate Milk.

It has the nostalgic look of an old milk bottle reminiscent of simpler more wholesome times. However, this product is far from being wholesome; it packs a whopping 40 proof punch…that’s 20% Alcohol!

You have to love the tag line “Re-taste your youth at 40 proof”.

Some would argue that this is an adult beverage being marketed to only adults of drinking age. I would argue the opposite. I don’t know too many adults that drink chocolate milk – do you? I believe the sophisticated marketing champagne will appeal to under age-drinkers and cause similar problems like its predecessor did. On a side note I can’t believe that folks are shelling out about $25.00 a bottle for this stuff. I guess it just goes to show you that people will try to make a buck off of anything – regardless of the consequences.

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