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Robberies in Bedford

December 23, 2010


Residents of Bedford and surrounding areas have been warned about a rash of burglaries in Bedford. The Bedford police department reported that there were seven burglaries in the past few days. They suggest home owners use extracaution when leaving their homes for the day. Make sure all doors and windows are locked. If you have an alarm, make sure you put it on before you leave.
It appears that the robberies have been committed by a well dressed couple that pre-tend they are lost and ask for directions. They knock on doors and if no one answers they break in and rob the place. They are extremely picky with what they take, by passing wrapped gifts and laptops opting for jewelry and cash instead.  At this time they only have a description of the female. She is described as an African American with red hair. Yesterday the Bedford Central School District sent out an e-mail alerting staff and parents in the area about the break-ins. They asked everyone to be extra vigilant in reporting anything suspicious.
Police ask if you see anything suspicious or the suspects to please call 911 immediately and not to interact with them directly.

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