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Dunkin Donuts anyone?

December 17, 2010

Residents are mixed with their views on the new Dunkin Donuts that’s open in Kisco. If you ask anyone that patronizes the one currently in Mt Kisco (across from Target) you will get a favorable answer. Meg G. from Kisco said that she “looks forward to the new one opening up”. It is closer to her house and she feels the lines won’t be as long as the one on the other side of town. You can see the frustration on the morning commuters’ faces when they walk into Dunkin Donuts during the morning rush and the line is out the door.
On the opposite side are the folks that live near the soon to be store. They are a little apprehensive with fear that it might create a large amount of congestion and traffic in their neighborhood. However, the one thing that both sides did agree upon was that the property did need a face lift and the recent construction has greatly improved the overall curb appeal.
What do you think?

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