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Gold Event was a success

November 3, 2010

Our Gold event was a hit!!

This past Saturday there was a Gold Buying Event held at The United Methodist Church in Kisco. It was run by Premiere Gold Buying Events which is a locally owned business. The owner Neil and his lovely staff assisted the attendees with looking through their jewelryto find “the real stuff”. All items were inspected and weighed right on the spot. Luckily for those that wanted to sell their Gold it happened to close at $1357. an ounce on Friday.
Lisa who is the event coordinator told me that because of the current economic conditions the demand for gold parties has sky rocketed. People are more willing to part with pieces of Jewelry that they probably will never wear. The price of Gold has also contributed heavily on the decision to sell. It is not likely that the price of gold willcome down anytime soon. It is believed that it will continue to rise.

If you were not able to attend the event another one is currently being planned for December (more details to follow). If you can’t wait until then and would like to host your own party please contact me and Iwill be happy to provide you with the information you will need. In the meantime clean out those jewelry boxes ladies!

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