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Bowling Alley in Mount Kisco

October 4, 2010
I can remember when the site that is now Calico Corners was Mt. Kisco Bowl. My friends and family had a lot of fun from birthday parties when I was younger to joining a league when I got older. It was sad to see it go. My daughter and her friends would often talk about how they wished that Mt. Kisco had a bowling alley. I told them that the chances of that happening were very slim.
Fast forward two years and there are plans to open one right in our back yard! In this day of computers and video games it sure would be nice to spend some quality time at the alleys with my family.
At the public hearing for this proposal a lot of questions came up regarding traffic and possible late night hours of operation. Jim Diamond from Diamond properties said that he has been a good neighbor and will continue to do so. Because of the economy the
original plan for members only / corporate race track facility did not take off. It is hoped that adding a bowling alley will help draw a more social crowd. I can remember when that property was just an empty eye sore of a warehouse. The improvements to the property including green space are welcome in my book. I would hate to see it vacant
There is another public hearing at 7:30 on October 12th please come out to make your voices heard.
I would love to know what you think, please drop me a line.

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